Atonement Chapter Breakdown

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Part 1 of Atonement

1. Briony (3) - Prep for Trials of Arabella. Lola and twins arrived. Lola is Arabella

2. Cecilia (18) - Wants to leave but needs to see Robbir first - explain awkwardness. Vase broken

3. Briony (32) - Briony tried to direct Trials of Arabella. She sees Cecilia and Robbie at the fountain

4. Cecilia (43)- Leon and Paul arrived - Paul introduces Amo Bars. Robbie invited for dinner

5. Lola (55)- Trials of Arabella cancelled - Paul comes in and flirts with Lola - gives her an Amo Bar

6. Emily (63)-  Emily goes to her bedroom - imagines kids successful futures but worried about Briony

7. Briony (72) - Briony cuts nettles and imagines its Lola

8. Robbie (78) - Robbie in a bath - daydreaming of Cecilia and fountain scene. Writes apology to her but can't put it into words so writes a short sexual note saying "I want to kiss your c***". Speaks of parents. Gives letter to Briony to deliver to Cecilia

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Part 1 of Atonement

9. Cecilia (96) - Dinner. Cecilia and Leon go for a walk. Briony delivers the letter. The twins run away         

10. Briony (113) - Briony tries to write about the letter and C + R relationship. Lola covered in scratches - brothers. Briony tells Lola about the letter. Briony sees C + R have sex in the library

11. Robbie (125) - Paul's face is scratched. Robbie scared that Briony will tell. He apologises to Cecilia. They kiss. They have sex and Briony walks in and sees. Paul saves himself from being blamed

12. Emily (145) - Emilie calls the police - Lola carried in - PALE - ****

13. Briony (156) - Witnesses the **** scene in the dark. Says it's Robbie straight away. Lola and her tell everyone and they believe them

14. Briony (173) - Briony gives the letter to the police, Leon and Emily. Robbie is 'guilty' Cecilia blames danny. Robbie finds the twins and he's arrested.

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