Atomic Structure and The Periodic Table

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What Makes Up An Atom

Structure of the Atom;

The Nucleous;

  • It's in the middle of the atom.
  • It contains protons and neutrons.
  • The nucleous has an overall positive charged and neutrons have no charge.
  • Almost the whole mass of the atom is concentrated in the nucleous.
  • Size wise its tiny compared to the atom as a whole.

The Electrons;

  • They move around the nucleous.
  • They have a negative charge (electorns and protons have equal but opposite charges).
  • There tiny compared to the nucleous, but as they move around they cover a lot of space.
  • The size of their orbites determine how big the atom is.
  • They have vituallyno mass.
  • They occupy shells (energy levels) around the nucleous.
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Know Your Particles

Number Of Protons Equals Number Of Electrons:

  • Neutrol Atoms have no charge
  • The charge on the electrons is the same size as the charge on the protons but opposite.
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Electron Shells

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