assimilated Jews in weirmar Germany

How assimlated were jews in Weirmar Germany.

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Walther Rathenau: Foreign Minister ran most of german econonmy, ran AEG Asassinated in 1922

Political, Jewish newspapers e.g. Berlin Tageblatt

Jews part of most political parties including communist party and the ddp party.

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Culture, film, law and medicine

16% lawyers were Jewish 

11% Doctors were Jewish 

classical music: composers like Fritz Kreisler

jewish directors like Fritz Lang

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business and industry

Jews were very popular in business and industry e.g.

Rathenau family own major business AEG 

Jewish jews owned many industries like coalminers and steelworks 

Jewish bankers like Rothschilds 50% all private banks owned by jews 

80% of all department stores were owned by Jews; KdW

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General life the Jews

54% of all jewish marriges were 'mixed' (intermarrige christiand and jews)

1000 jews converted to christianity 

membership to the zionist federation from 33,000 to 17,000 (the reduction to the federation meant that jews wanted to blend into Germany)

Germmay was one of the safest places for jews to be in europe 

sybagogues vandelised 

most Jews lived in urban areas- 

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