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purpose of assessment

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normalisation as not supporting disabilities

normalisation can lead to greater vulnerability if the individual is not given enough support.

for example, an individual who has severe disability may be unable to live in a normal way and be at risk of neglect

this is important because it may result in the persons well-being declined.

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normalisation as not supporting disabilities

normalisation will only leadto empowerment of the least vulnerable

for example, people who have very severe mental health problems may be unable to speak for themselves and therefore are at risk of neglect.

this is important as his health may decline if he is not fully supported.

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normalisation as encouraging independance and a no

normalisation can be said to encourage those with disabilities to live a normal day to day life

for example, a boy with autism could live in a normal house with his peers and visiting carers rather than a large institution. in this setting he could live a normal life

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