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Race relations act 1976 (Amendment) 2003

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Race relations act 1976 (amendment) 2003

The act makes racial discrimination illegal in public life. It states that people can take action if they feel they have been discriminated against because of their race in situations such as employment, housing, education, and provision of goods and services.

This is treating somebody less favourably because of thief race, colour, ethnicity and national origins. Direct discrimination and indirect discrimination in all of the above are outlawed. Victimisation is also illegal under this act as it is illegal to treat somebody differently because they have made a complaint about discrimination.

Advantages- There is emphasis on promoting good relationships between different racial groups rather than preventing racial discrimination.

It is recognised that all public bodies, like the NHS and others, must make all services offered accessible to people with different racial issues.

Disadvantages- Its difficult to know what happens on a daily basis in care settings, unless poor practice is monitored.

Forms of redress require individuals to know thier rights and also to know how to ensure their rights are maintained.

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