As You Like It: Theme of love

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As You Like It: Theme of love

Love is the key concept within the play and is explored in different ways with different degrees of seriousness.
Orlando + Rosalind = love at first sight. Orlando exemplifies a foolish idea of love through the use of his poems which are absurd idealisations. Rosalind educates him through the teachings of 'Ganymede'.
Silvius + Phoebe = unrequited love from Silvius though Phoebe shows a harsh rejection towards him. Phoebe also represents how love can go wrong when you are attached to someone who is not suitable.
Touchstone offers a lustful, lust-driven view of love as he seems to have little affection towards Audrey.
Celia + Rosalind = demonstrate the importance of family love and a loving friendship.
Celia + Oliver = this is an echo of Orlando and Rosalind's love but is not shown to be as believable nor false as Celia never says anything about what she feels about Oliver.
Reconciliations at the end of the play highlight the importance of family love.
Love is seen to be 'merely a madness' throughout the play, however at the end it brings unity and joy.

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