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The main points about the 4 theories from memory

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Natural Law




Can be secular if you replace God with the laws of nature.

Can help someone decide what to do in a situation.

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Primary Precepts

Primary precepts are prescriptive- explain what you should do

1-Worship God

2-Ordered society. Promote living in an ordered society.

3-Reproduce. Procreation, the only reason you should have sex is for reproduction.

4-Learning. Everyone should be educated.

5-Defend the innocent in society.

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Secondary Precepts

Descriptive- describe how you should go about living in accordance to the primary precepts. Deduce them from the primary precepts to suit your situation.

Worship- Go to church, pray, read the bible.

Ordered society- Follow the law, don't commit crimes, act morally.

Reproduce- Only have sex to create a child. Abortion breaks this.

Learn- Everyone should have access to education and books etc.

Defend the innocent- Protect those in need who cant protect themselves, eg stand up for the rights of foetus'.

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