AS Religious Studies keywords

Edexcel syllabus keywords

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Empirical - using your senses to know something is true

A priori - knowledge gained without the need for experience

A posteriori - knowledge gained after experience

Omnipotent - all powerful

Omniscient - all knowing

Omnibenevolent - all loving

Immortal - ever lasting

Holy - sacred

Monotheism - belief in one God

Transcendent - beyond all things

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Absolutism - all rules must be followed, without exception

Consequentialism - an action is right/wrong depending on the consequences

Divine Command Ethics - if it follows God's commands, it's right

Euthyphro Dilemma - is X good because God commands it, or does God command X because it is good?

Teleological - Moral actions are right/wrong according to their outcome

Inductive - conclusion is probable, not certain

Deductive - certain conclusion

Ockham's Razor - if X is the simplest conclusion, why search for others?

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