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Coping With Stress

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Maladaptive Behaviour

  • We fail to adjust appropriately to our environment and experience unhappiness as a result.
  • These take the form of Emotional and Avoidance coping strategies.
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Emotional Behaviour

  • Feeling overpowered and helpless
  • Becoming miserable, depressed and angry
  • Taking frustrations out on other people
  • Preparing for the worst outcome
  • Seeking Sympathy from others

Short Term

  • Expression of emotion

Long Term

  • Increasingly overwhelmed by the problem
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Avoidance Behaviour

  • Hoping it all goes away
  • Pretending nothing is wrong if somebody asks
  • Thinking about something else and not talking about it
  • Trusting in fate and hoping it will all eventually get solved

Short Term

  • Temporary relief of problems

Long Term

  • Blocking out can't be sustained
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Adaptive Behaviour

  • Involves an appropriate adjustment to the environement
  • Gaining from the experience
  • These styles tend to be Detached and Rational approaches.
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Detached Behaviour

  • Not seeing the problem or situation as a threat
  • Keeping a sense of humour
  • Taking nothing personally and seeing the problem as separate from yourself
  • Resolving issues by getting things into proportion

Short Term

  • Able to stand back from the problem

Long Term

  • Identification with the problem
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Rational Behaviour

  • Using past experiences to work out how to deal with it
  • Taking action to change things
  • Taking one step at a time and approaching the behaviour with logic
  • Give the situation full attention and treating it as a challenge rather than a threat

Short term

  • Logic shows how to cope with problem

Long Term

  • problems put into persepective
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Problem Focused Coping and Emotion Focused Coping


  • Take direct action in order to solve a problem
  • Seeking information that is relevant to a situation


  • Trying to reduce the negative emotions that are part of the experience of stress.
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