As music 2011 Dowland- Flow My Tears

why this piece is renaissance music

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  • in bar 5 a touch of modality is added when the G major chord is harmonised with Gnatural

  • modality typical of renaissance period

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  • vocal range has fairly narrow range of a 9th modality is typical of renaissance music

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  • bars 12-14 the vocal solo is imitated by the lute imitation is a typical feature in renaissance music

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  • bar 2 G#-Gnatural false relation renaissance period music often uses false relation

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  • end of bar 1-begining of bar 2 E suspension, suspensions are only sustained dissonance

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  • cadences are principal feature of this piece of music typical of renaissance music

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  • melodic description of melencholy- general direction of melody descending- is a common feature of many renaissance pieces, bars 20-22 show melody descending as it is a descending scale with the B and A of bar 21 are melodic decorations

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  • Constant tempo typical of renaissance music

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