These cards are useful to revising your set works, musical terms and rules for 4-part harmony.

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Name all the rules for 4-part harmony

No parallel 5th's

No parallel 8ve's

No part crossing

Don't double the 3rd

The leading note must rise to the tonic

Sharpen the leading note in a minor key

Don't omit the third

The 5th can be doubled if necessary

Start by adding the bass line first

Decide which cadence it is going to be at the end

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Perfect: V - I

Imperfect: I - V

Plagal - IV - I

Interrupted: V - vi (or to anywhere else)

Cadential 6/4: Ic - V7 - I

Shakespeare: iib - V7 - I

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An idea repeated at a higher or lower pitch.

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Pedal (Drone)

A long held note or the same note with a repetitive rhythm in the bass.

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When one part copies another.

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When one part plays a tune an another part repeats it and so on.

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Repeated pattern normally in classical music.

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Repeated pattern normally in Pop, Rock and Jazz music.

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Discord on a strong beat that is not prepared.

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