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What is film distribution?

  • In the film business, the term "distribution" refers to the arketing and circulation of movies in cinemas and home viewing (DVD, Download, TV etc)
  • Because of the enormous amount of cost in money and time involved in distribution, a distributor must feel confident that they will make a sufficient return on their investment.
  • Having the backing of a major film studio, cast or director is bound to boost the chances ofsecuring a good distribution deal.
  • Independent filmakers often use film festivals as an opportunity to get the attention of distributors
  • A film distributor is often an independent company, subsidiary company or on occasions an individual; who acts as a final agent between the film production company and exhibitor, to the end of securing placement of the producer's film on the exhibitor's screen.
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Film distribution

A distributor will try to determine the best strategy for opening the movie. There are several factors to consider:

  • Studio
  • Target Audience
  • Star power
  • Buzz
  • Season
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Media Terms

  • Vertical intergration - is where the three stages; producing, distribution and exhibition are seen as part of the same larger process, under the control of one company.
  • Viral marketing - different forms of electronic word-of-mouth via the internet, email and mobile phones.
  • Media conglomerate - describes companies that own large numbers of companies in various mass media such as television, radio, publishing, movies and the Internet.
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