(PART 1) AS level Biology Unit 2 Module 1

Information form OCR Biology AS book By pete Kennedy and Frank Sochachi

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Nutrients Required

Chemical Group          Role

- Carbohydrates            Energy Storage and supply, structure in some organisma

- Proteins                     Structure, transport, enzymes, anti bodies and most hormones

- Lipids                         Membranes, energy supply, thermal insulation, protective layers,                                     electrical insulation in neurones, somre hormones

- Vitimins and              Form parts of some larger molecules and take minerals part in some    minerals                   metabolic reactions, some act as coenzymes or enzyme activators

- nucleic acids             Information molecules, carry instructions for life

- Water                       Takes part in many reactions, support in plants, medium for most                                    metabolic reactions, transport

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Biological Molecules

Cells are made up of 70% H2O and 30% Chemicals which are:

DNA 1%

Phospholipids 2%

Polysaccharides 2%

Ions, small molecules 4%

RNA 6%

Proteins 15%

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