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Introduction to Delegated Legislation

  • Introduced as parliament does not have the time to pass the every law which is required each year.
  • Parliament gives the power to other people and organisations to make laws
  • This power is given through the Enabling Act
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Types of Delegated Legislation

There are three main types of Delegated Legislation

  • Bylaws
  • Statutory Instruments
  • Orders in Council
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  • Bylaws are made by councils and public bodies.
  • E.g. a local council may wish to ban drinking in its town centre.
  • Public corporations, such as the bus and train services are able to impose fines for non payment of fares.
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Orders in Council

  • Are laws passed by the Privy Council : made up of the monarch and senior politicians.
  • The laws can be made without the whole of parliament sitting.
  • The Privy Council has the power to pass laws in times of emergency with permission of the Queen under the Emergency Powers Act 1920 (such as war)
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Statutory Instruments

  • Are regulations made by government departments to implement the provisions made in Acts of parliament.
  • E.g. the department of transport can make changes to the speed limit within for example in residential areas.
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