AS IT chapter 3: basic generic software

notes on the basic generic software such as word processors and desktop publishing

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Word processors

  • application that allows you to edit, store and print documents
  • allows publications such as letters, reports and memos to be created
  • use editing tools and allows documents to be printed
  • WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)- preview documents before printing them- you get exactley what you see on the screen
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Desktop pubishing (DTP)

  • allows users to combine text and images to create publications
  • allows users to malipulate the position of text and images#
  • DTP's can create:



      -business cards


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  • mathematical and financial calulations
  • complex formulas- update automatically when contents of related cells changes
  • users only need to create formula and not the calcualtion
  • data can be presented using graphs to show trends
  • can answer 'what if' questions
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  • allows data to be stored and saved
  • tables can be related to each other using relationships
  • can be linked to other applications such as word processors to create a mail merge
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web authoring

  • create and edit web pages
  • additional training may be needed to use this software
  • basic knowledge of how web pages are created is usefu; to have
  • allows users to edit images by size and shape, easily position images and text, manage files by creating virtual sites
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  • allows users to create presentations which can be printed or projected
  • run through slides manually or automatically
  • slide transitions and animations can be added to make the presentation more interesting to view.
  • multimedia can be added to the slides, such as images, video, and hyperlinks to external files or sites
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