AS Health and Social Care Unit 3 - Organisations responsible for health promotion and disease prevention

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Categories of Organisations

  • Statutory
  • Private/commercial
  • Voluntary
  • The 'WHO' (doesn't fit in to any of the above categories)
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Statutory Organisations

  • NHS - National Health Service
  • PHA - Public Health Agency
  • DHSSPSNI - Department of Health and Social Services and Public Safety for Northern Ireland
  • Health and Social Care Trusts
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The Role of the DHSSPSNI

  • Introduces policy and strategy relevant to health and social well being

E.G. "Investing for Health"

  • Advises on medical, dental, nursing, pharmaceutical and social work matters
  • Monitors the health of the population by looking at trends in disease

E.G. number of people diagnosed with HIV or aids

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The Role of PHA

  • Conducts research and publishes reports

E.G. on breast feeding attitudes in Northern Ireland

  • Runs health promotion campaigns aimed at improving health and social well being

E.G. the physical activity camp

  • Provides a website that informs the public about a range of health and well being issues

E.G. how to provide children with healthy packed lunches

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The Role of the NHS

  • Diagnoses illnesses
  • Prevents ill health - screening
  • Provides vaccinations such as the MMIZ
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The Role of Health and Social Care Trusts

  • Provide children homes
  • Provide adult training centres
  • Provide health centres and clinics
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Voluntary Organisations

  • Chest, Heart and Stroke
  • Help the Aged
  • Action Cancer
  • Marie Curie Cancer Care
  • Praxis
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Role of Voluntary Organisations in Health Promotio

  • Provide nursing care in clients own home

E.G. Marie Curie care for cancer patients

  • Advocate for clients to ensure that they are recieving appropriate state benifits

E.G. Citizens Advice Bureau

  • Provide a range of health and care services

E.G. screening by Action Cancer

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The Weaknesses of the Contribution of Voluntary or

  • Volunteers may not be trained and may do more harm than good as a result
  • Critics argue that voluntary organisations are providing services that the state should be providing
  • Voluntary organisations' funds vary annually therefore they may be able to provide a service one year but not the next
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Commercial Organisations that Promote Health

  • Retailers

E.G. supermarkets and pharmacies

  • Drug companies

E.G. Glaxo Smith Kline

  • Residential care providers
  • Private health care company


  • Health related businesses

E.G. private health club or spa

  • Alternative and private practocioners

E.G. homeopath

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A Pharmacy such as Boots may;

  • Dispence medicine
  • Provide treatments, vitamin supplements, etc
  • Measure health indicators

E.G. BP, blood sugar, eyesight, etc

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A Drug Company such as Glaxo Smith Kline may;

  • Conduct research on health conditions
  • Produce new effective drug treatments
  • Provide information about how drugs work
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Private Practcioners may;

  • Provide screening
  • Give advice on health problems
  • Provide a variety of treaatments

E.G. phiseotherapy, massage, optician, podiatry, homeopathy

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Other Commercial Organisations may;

  • Provide medication and other health related products, such as vitamins and aromatherapy, in a health realated food store such as Holland and Barrett
  • Encourage healthy living through initiatives

E.G. food labelling, special offers, vouchers in supermarkets such as Tesco

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How does the 'WHO' contribute to health and well b

  • Monitors the health status of developing countries
  • Facilitates emergency aid at the request of the UN
  • Provides information on health risks globally

E.G. on risks of SAR's and how to avoid it

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How can Individuals Promote their own Health?


  • Eating a healthy diet (5 a day)
  • Exercising
  • Limiting alcohol intake to the governments recommended units per week to avoid binge drinking
  • Avoid illegal drugs such as marajuanna
  • Avoid smoking tobacco and passive smoking


  • Responding to invitations for screening (breast cancer in women over 50)
  • Vaccinations can help prevent disease (MME)
  • Early detection of disease means treatment will be more effective


  • Asking a GP for a referral to a specialist (gynecologist or neurologist)
  • Requesting the GP to give you information about treatment choices
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