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Case studies for As level Geography

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Boscastle Floods

  • 16th Augst 2004-Southern Britain, Cornwall, Bostcastle
  • Thundery down pours had developed due to intensive low-preassure, causing the uplift of warm & moist air
  • 200mm of rain fell in 24 hours, most of it between miday-5pm
  • Rainfall most intensive between 3pm-4pm when it exceeded 100mm h
  • Rainfall very localised
  • Heaviest rain to the east of Boscastle on the higher ground
  • High land encouraged precipitation in the form of orographic rainfall
  • The ground was already saturated due to previous wet weather, so infiltration into the ground was limited
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Boscastle Floods

  • Boscastle located in a deep valley down stream of the confluence of the rivers Valency and Jordan
  • Runoff into the river was rapid
  • Flooding was first reported at 4pm
  • 60 or so properties were submerged under floodwater-Not all in Bostcastle, some in the catchment of the tributary of the River Jordan
  • 70-80 cars were swept away
  • 100 people airlifted
  • Significant damage to property, roads, bridges, and servicesbut no loss of life
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MEDC:Southern Britain, July 2007

  • Summer weather conditions were exceptional
  • Rainfall totals for May-July 2007 were the highest on record for England and Wales since 1766
  • 20 July there was exceptional rainfall
  • 145 mm of rainfall in Pershore in Worcestershire
  • 111mm at Chieveley (Berkshire)
  • 120 mm at Brize Norton (Oxfordshire)
  • Such a storm only expected every 100 years
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freddy Kruger


I  think this website needs more info on the boscastle floods like the responses to it and a powerpoint on it.

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