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Analysis of Carol Ann Duffy's and Sheenagh Pugh's poetry.

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Queen Kong

This poem is the first to create a female equivalent from media/film as it creates a female version of the infamous King Kong. There is a deep undertone of humour and farce throughout as Queen Kong describes how she falls in love and travels to New York to be with him only for him to die and her to create a trophy of him portraying childlike curiosity and possession:
- Media/Film
- Loss of Love
- Childishness
- Sexuality
- Power Struggle

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Mrs Midas

Another example of Duffy modernising mythology, in this case giving a female perspectibve to the story of King Midas whom had the ability to turn anything he touched into gold. This poem shares the implications of such an ability in a middle class environment with much emphasis on the change of state from ordinary to extraordinary and also from alive to cold, metal, a trophy. This poem therefore shows a wife's anguish in the following themes;
- Male Greed
- Loss (of Sexuality, Love and Human Warmth)
- Obedience/Domestication of Women

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Mrs Lazarus

Another biblical reference to Lazarus whom Jesus resurrected after 4 days. Duffy again modernises to show the pain his wife went through, changing days to months, and then the further pain when he is alive once again after she had come to peace with his death;
- The Bible
- Loss of Love, Sexuality
- Independence
- Power Struggle (Jesus brings him back without her will)

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Mrs Darwin

Duffy uses clear irony and a light conversational tone to suggest that it was indeed Mrs Darwin who first rooted the idea of evolution. Turning point in the collection as is the first to not describe power struggle or male dominance, rather a more positive poem about female strength:
- Historical
- Independence/Female Strength
- Domestication? (if this poem is believed then she did not receive the credit)

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any chance you can finish of the anothology and include all poems ?

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