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Point = make a clear statement on what the paragraph will be about

Evidence = insert a quote as evidence to back up your point

Explanation = explain your point further

Link = end your paragraph by linking back to the question and the Point of your paragraph

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Context = referring to important events during the writing/setting of the book/poem/play Alternative Interpretations = a different way of interpreting the quote chosen Alternative readers feelings = a different feeling (usually opposite to the first one you have chosen) that readers may feel Alternative writers intention/purpose = a different reason why the writer may have written this book/poem/play Explosion of quotes = analysing each word of the quote used to later express its meaning as a whole

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Paragraph Structure



Explosion of quotes


Readers Thoughts

Writers Intention


Alternative Interpretation

Alternative Readers thoughts/feelings

Alternative Writers Intention


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My tips are:

learn the features WELL so you can quickly write them on a piece of paper at the beginning of the exam keep a tally of the features you use to make sure you include them all in every paragraph research information about the context before the exam to give you extra marks practise using these features in other paragraphs so you find the best technique for YOU

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Great concise essay planning notes

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