AS Eng Lit - Jane Eyre+Wide Sargasso Sea: GENRE

AS English Literature; 'Jane Eyre' and 'Wide Sargasso Sea' genre comparrisons and contrasts.

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Bildungsroman: a german term for a education or learning novel. the young main character has to over come difficulty and suffering to find pleasure and satisfaction. The narrative can be used to discuss and challenge social norms. The structure of Jane Eyre is similar to that of a pilgrimage, this idea can be closely linked to the character Helen Burns who's ultimate goal is to go to heaven is connected to the story of 'The Pilgrims Progress' by John Bunyan. She's tested by John Reed, the Lowood school cruelty and the social expectations of Rochester and his marriage to Jane. This links to Wide Sargasso Sea however the narrative changes in part 2 and 3 and of course, Antoinette does not gain pleasure or satisfaction

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Romantism was a movement during the 19th century of art, music and literature. It is characterised by the 5 i's:

Imagination was emphasised over reality. Obviously this is closely linked to Jane as she uses her imagination, especially as a child to create a mental escape. 

Intuition feeling or instincts over reason. This can be seen when Jane runs away from Thornfield but can hear Rochesters voice over the moors.

Idealism the idea we can make a difference. This can be seen through Jane wanting to teach and become a governess.

Insipiration going with the moment.

Individuality During the time in which Jane Eyre was written womens rights were being challenged, Bronte also wrote this to combat certain social controlls. J

Symbolism + romanticsm Jane is often compared to the moon

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Gothic: generic feautres of the gothic genre include: the unknown, sinister settings such as castles, dungeons this is where the intertextuality of 'Bluebeards Castle' and extreme landscapes. although Thornfield isn't haunted or a particularly large house it is full of secrets, on showing Jane around her new lodgings Mrs Fairfax is quick to dismiss the 3rd floor corridor. symbolism such as omens and secrets. characters may include mad women, this is an obvious connection to Bertha (or Antoinette in WSS) byronic heros, rochester for is of course byronic he is often moody and has a secret past. femme fetales and persecuted maidens.

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