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as education key topics/terms

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-Emphasizes the importance of school

-Durkheim argues education prevents anomie

-They argue education teaches them secondary socialization

-Is said to teach the value of achieved status rather than ascribed meaning everyone has the ability to achieve

-Teaches children universalistic standards (a set of rules that apply to a whole group rather than an individual)

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-Argue education acts as an ideological tool which manipluates people to think in certain ways to legitimise (justify) exploitation by the ruling class

-School is a mock-up of the work place, with the teacher acting as the Bourgiose whilst the pupil becomes the proletariat

-This is strengthened through the hidden curriculum which transmits values such as obedience and having respect for authority

-Bowles and Gintis argue that education serves to reproduce directly the capitalist relations of production (the hierarchy of workers from the boss down) with the appropriate skills and attitudes

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- Feminists (similar to marxist views) argues education acts as a ideological tool

-Feminists also argues that education legitimised inequalities which gives the illusion that patriarchy is reasonable 

-However feminists fail to take into account recent success' by girls and that boys are now seen as the underachievers.

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