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Topic 1


Cultural Deprivation -W/c  children are not socialised into this as well as middle class children.

Intellectual development - The development of thinking and reasoning i.e. shape sorter Benstein m/c mothers choose toys that encourage thinking skills for school

Attitudes + Values -Douglas w/c parents are less likely to read with their children as they are always out working, and are less encouraging than m/c parents but w/c are also material deprivated.

Language - Restricted speech code is used by w/c and have a lower vocabulary.

Elaborted speech code  is used by m/c  and have a wider vocabulary and more complex sentences.Teachers use elaborated speech in schools so this gives m/c children an advantage over w/c.

nell kiddie- w/c children are simply culturally different not culturally deprived ,parents  and parents work long hours and this lacks attendence at PTM

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Topic 1 external factors

material deprivation

poor nutrition - w/c children lack vitamins and minerals in diet which affects health and weakens the immune system.

poor housing- over crowding measn w/c children have no area to study which makes them not do well in school w/c are more likely to have accidents in tthe house becasu of the conditions they are living in.

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