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What is overflow?

OVERFLOW  - Is attempting to add or stack or queue which is already full.

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What is a supercomputer?

SUPERCOMPUTER - Is a computer which can perform hundreds of millions of tasks per second and is employed for specialist applications.

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What is protocol?

PROTOCOL - is a set of rules covering standards for phyiscal connections, cables, error detection etc.

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What is a queue?

QUEUE - Is  a (FIFO) First In, First Out list.

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What is selection?

SELECTION - Is selection a course of action based on a condition.

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What is concatenation?

CONCATENATION - Is joining to or more strings together.

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What is parallel?

PARALLEL - Is a method of data transmission used inside a computer for a short distance (up to a few metres) e.g. a printer.

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What is parameter?

PARAMETER - Is information about a data item being supplied to function or procedure when it is called.

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What is a procedure?

PROCEDURE - Is a completely self-contained sub-program which may be called from the main program. 

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What is a word?

WORD - Is the maximum number of bits that the processor can handle simultaneously. 

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What is a bus?

BUS - Is a set of parallel wires within a computer which carry data between components.

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What is information?

INFORMATION - Is data with context and/or meaning.

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What is variable?

VARIABLE - Is a temporary storage space for data, referred to by its name. 

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What is handshaking?

HANDSHAKING - Is the exchange of signals between devices to establish their readiness to send/receive.

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What is a function?

FUNCTION - Is a sub-program which returns to value.

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What is a unicode?

UNICODE - Is an international 16-bit coding system.

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What is underflow?

UNDERFLOW - Is attempting to remove an item from an empty queue or stack.

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What is while?

WHILE - Is a conditional loop. 

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What is direct?

DIRECT - Is a method of data capture where data is collected and used for a specific purpose.

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What is algorithm?

ALGORITHM - Is a series of steps to solve a problem.

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What is an address?

ADDRESS - Is a bus which carries address of memory or input/output (i/o) ports.

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What is serial?

SERIAL - Is the transmission where bits are sent via an interface one bit at a time over a single wire from source to destination.

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