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Funcational areas in a business.

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job roles

funcational areas.

there are many funcational areas in a business. in a ordinary business there are ones such as FINANCE, HUMAN RESOURCES, MARKETING, PRODUCTION, SALES, CUSTOMER SERVICE, RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT AND ADMIN.

this includes money going in and out of a business e.g. cashflow.
it also includes, wages, buying raw materials, suppliers etc.

Human recouces:.
This includes, recruitmnent, training, mentoring and disaplining employees.

this includes launching idea's such as a new bar of cadbury chocolate. it also includes advertising and setting up promotions for the customers.

this includes manufacturing and packaging any products that have to be sold.

this include selling the product in shops e.g. the casheer will sell a product to you.

customer service:.
keeping customers happy, being polite and ensuring they will come back. it is also giving a service.

Research and development:
this includes things such as questionnaires to the public to find out what they think of product, and how they would want it to be improved.

emails, letters, cleaning, security.

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