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causes of disease

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pathogens 1

Q-What is the term given for microorganisms that cause disease & name an example ?

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pathogens 1


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pathogens 2

Q-For a microorganism to be considered a pathogen, what must it do ?

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pathogens 2


The microorganism must :

gain entry to host

colonise tissues of host

resist defences of host

cause damage to host tissues

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pathogens 3

Q-what is an interface & name an example ?

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pathogens 3

A-microorganisms must enter through an interface,this is a boundary linking 2 systems,the body and the environment. these may include (skin,digestive,gas-exchange,reproductive etc.)

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pathogens 4

Q-how do pathogens cause disease?

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pathogens 4


damage host tissues

produce toxins

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lifestyle and health 1

Q-name 2 diseases that can be the cause of smoking?

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lifestyle and health 1

A-cancer/emphysema/athsma etc

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lifestyle and health 2

Q-what 5 lifestyle choices can be made which can reduce risk of getting cancer ?

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lifestyle and health 2


stopping/not taking up smoking.

healthy diet

not being overweight/obese


not an excess of sunlight (uv)

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lifestyle and health 3

Q-what factors that can affect diseases, such as cancer and Coronary heart disease, are beyond our control ?

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lifestyle and health 3





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lifestyle and health 4

Q- In what ways could someone change their diet to reduce risk of getting CHD ?

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lifestyle and health 4

A-drink less alchahol

eat more fruit & vegatables

reduce salt intake

eat less red and processed meat

reduce calorie intake (if BMI is above 25)

eat more dietary fibre and antioxidants

reduce intake of cholesterol and saturated fats/ saturated fatty acids

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:P this quizz requires good knowledge base.

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