AS AQA PSYA2 Psychology- Explanation of why we conform

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Normative social influence

We conform so others will accept and approve of us, because as huans we have a need for social companionship, and a fear of rejection. The result is compliance (publicly conforming to the behaviour of others, but privately maintaining their own thoughts/beliefs).

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Informational social influence

When we look to others on how to behave, e.g. in the prescence of a professional, particularly in novel or ambiguous situations. The result is usually internalisation (adopting behaviours of a group privately and publicly, because you value membership to that group).

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Social impact theory

Latane '81 explained that we only conform in certain situations. 

Number: The more people, the more influence, up to about 3 or 4 as shown in Asch's study

Strength:The more important the person, the more influence

Immediacy: The more people present, the less influence one person could have. 

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