AS APPLIED SCIENCE- Human Activity In The Body

these set of cards cover topics such as the vascular system, lungs, respiration, use of physical measurements and methods, imaging techniques.

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what is the substrate of anaerobic respiration?

the substrate is glucose

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what are the products of aerobic respiration

carbon dioxide and water

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which type of respiration has 38 molecules of atp

aerobic- this is because you need more energy as you are exercising for longer

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name a reason respiration is needed to create ener

nerve impulse transmission

swimming of sperms

muscle contraction etc.

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which side of the heart is thicker and why is this

the left side- because the left side pumps blood to the aorta which supplys the whole body with oxygenated blood which takes energy to the muscles. therefore it must have a lot of muscle to have the strength to transport th blood.

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