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Film Distribution and Exhibition


Distribution is getting the film to the cinema.


Exhibition is showing the film at the cinema.

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Film Reels Exhibition


  • Used on 35mm projectors
  • Not as widely used anymore
  • Film is printed onto celluloid ($1500 per print)
  • Costly to buy ($60,000 - $150,000)
  • Physical prints need insurance
  • More expensive to recirculate
  • May need repairs
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Hard Drive Film Exhibition

  • Standardised (US) 2002
  • Standardised (UK) 2005
  • Cheaper and faster to send digital copies
  • Projectors now show films through hard drives
  • Different projectors are used for 3D films
  • However, it is easier for piracy and theft
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Current Film Exhibition

The current system in place is DCP.

  • DCP is basically a USB pen with the film uploaded onto it
  • Each pen has limited access through a limited number of licences
  • To access the film, an access code is needed
  • Each cinema (Odeon, Empire, Vue) has to sign for the pen drive
  • The code is given to the projectionist so the film can be played
  • This helps prevent piracy as the film is secured through access codes and licenses
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The Future of Film Exhibition

Satelitte Exhibition

  • Aims to cut distribution costs further
  • Films will be downloaded from a secure server
  • The film will be then be activated through satelitte
  • Projectors will be able to be controlled by satelitte
  • This centralises the entire distribution and exhibition process externally

This has already been explored through projects in the UK (National Theatre Live and Opera Live)

  • Hamlet
  • Jane Erye
  • Swan Lake
  • Alice in Wonderland
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Post Exhibition

After Cinema Exhibition (3-6 months):

Known as the 'Sales Run'

  • DVD/Blu-ray sales
  • Subscription/downloads (with costs)
  • These may include extras (Director's commentary, deleted scenes, interviews)

After the Sales Run (9-12 months)

Films will then be distributed exclusively on film platforms that cost money for the audience

  • Sky Movies
  • Virgin on Demand
  • Amazon Instant Prime
  • Netflix
  • Now TV
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Fandoms and Fan Behaviour

Case Study - Batman V Superman

  • Fan trailers
  • Mash-ups (Remixing music)
  • Swedes (remixing films)
  • Fan reaction videos
  • Memes
  • Cos-play
  • Wikia (Fan) sites
  • Fan films
  • Fan art
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Fan Trailers

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Sad Affleck -

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Fan Reactions

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Fan Art

  (  (,h_817,w_600/t_mp_quality/bwecmq5bks7q0po4hurj/fanartfriday-top-10-best-trailer-inspired-batman-v-superman-fanart-oh-superman-you-re-373771.jpg)

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The Longtail


Batman (1989)  Directed by Tim Burton

Cinema release – Video (Video boxset)  / DVD - Boxset / (1990’s)

Blu-ray - Boxset/  Video-dvd-Blu-ray special editions (20 anniversary) (2000’s)

 Netflix/Amazon/NowTv– Sky store/Virgin On demand (2010’s) 

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