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Key words

what is a tint?

A colour mixed with white.

What is a shade?

It is when a colour is mixed with a bit of black.  

What is a hue?

It is a when different colours with a primary or secendary colour.

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Write two things you like about it  (WWW-what went well)

  • fhjfkfkfjnfj cfjmkf
  • jlk;gklj vk;jnd';vlkn;'kjln


Write two things you would improve (EBI-even better if)

  •  blkjbkjfjkmfdb ljkbadfjkmabdlfjkmbdlkfj
  • kjbv;gikljhdfblkp;jdbfvp;kjzdbgfkp;bzuv
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