Arrhenius' Idea


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Arrhenius' idea - Acids

'An Acid is something when dissolved in water will produce H+ ions'

Acids release hydrogen ions in water.

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Arrhenius' idea - Bases

Bases dissociated in water to give hydroxide ions.

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The idea

Arrhenius focused on the idea that acids and bases split into ions when they dissolved in water. In a sense, the Arrhenius concept focuses on what the chemical contains or what is there in solution.

Important features of acids and bases: They are multiprotism and neutralization.

Acids and bases neutralize one another because the hydrogen ion and the hydroxide ion combine with one another to form water. 

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Acid = HCl

HCl rtarrow.gif (850 bytes) ( H+ + Cl-

Base = NaOH

NaOH rtarrow.gif (850 bytes) ( + OH-

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