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The Armistice

Why did Germany want an Armistice?

  • All of his Allies were leaving the war: Bulgaria in 30th Sep, Turkey 30th Oct, Austria Hungary on 3rd Nov.
  • The main German Fleet had mutinied on 29th October, and this spread to become a revolution in some German Cities. Many people were starving due to the Aliies' Blockade.

8th November- German delegation met the Allied supreme commander, Marshall Foch. THe allies set out harsh terms for the german surrender. Finally at 5 AM on 11th November, and agreement was reached.

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Terms of Armistice

The Terms

Germany had to:

  • Withdraw all its troops and give up land won in Russia.
  • Withdraw troops 30 miles east from Rhine.
  • Surrender huge numbers of artillery, machine guns, aircraft, locomotives and railway wagons, and its entire submarine fleet.
  • allow its navy to be moved onto Allied ports and placed under Allied control.
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Ending the Fighting

Germany had asked for fighting to end on 8th November. Foch refused to do so until armistice was signed. on 11th November its was agreed that war would end at 11 AM, which meant it would end on the 11th hour of the 11 day of the 11th Month, which was symbolic, but it is estimated that in the 6 hours between the Armistice being signed and the War ending 10,000 troops had been killed.

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