matter and goal, true knowledge, the forms, prime mover, strengths and weaknesses

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Prime Mover

Prime Mover is Aristotle's God

  • Not physical! Doesn't create movement but things are drawn towards the prime mover through love and desire
  • God exists necessarily!
  • Eternal- causes everything else to move, doesn't move itself, an essence, not created!
  • Never changes and lacks evil
  • Final Cause- love of fulfilling purpose- desire to do something
  • The Final and First Cause behind all things!


  • world always changing (in a constant flux)
  • everything effects somethign else
  • e.g. domino effect

Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Strengths- reason, senses- empircical knowledge, starting point, cause/purpose
  • Weaknesses- prime mover is powerful yet unable to know it ? Eternal thought
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Matter and Goal

Matter and Goal

Cause and Purpose- visible world


  • The material cause e.g. marble for statue
  • The efficient cause e.g. sculpture
  • The formal causee.g. resemblance to celebrity
  • The final cause

Potentiality and Actuality- motion- actualising of the potentialitye.g. a match burning, match=potentiality, match burning=motion, burnt out match=actuality

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The forms and True knowledge

Aristotle disagrees with Plato's idea of the forms - Aristotle believes the forms are found in itemsnot in a separate realm

Pure Forms

  • Give the object it's essence - forms are understood through the senses
  • has a relative goal- to meet it's final cause
  • Relative goal -Reach a state of complete rest
  • Reached- become pure- Only God has form without matter
  • The closest thing to the state of rest is heaven
  • Objects on earth are removed from ultimate goal

True Knowledge

  • Reality of world- empirical world, natural world= real world
  • Knowledge is perception
  • 5 senses, hearing, seeing, taste, touch, smell
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