Arid Key question 4

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Fragile environments that have been exploited for

Thar desert

Human activities such as deforestation, monoculture and overgrazing causing soil erosion.

Animals compacting the soil, limiting seed development, damaging plant roots and encouraging runoff rather than infiltration.

Loss native trees reduce grounds fertility.


To reduce desertification, IGNP (a canal) was built. One of the worlds biggest canal projects.

Water used to grow crops.

Problems from over watering of crops causing water-logging and salinisation.

Gazelle and desert fox have declined.


Drought caused by mismanagement of the land. 


Mulching- incorperating plants into soil to increase organic matter, increase termite activity which breaks up the soil.

Planting pits- small holes dug with a ***, that collect runoff water and into seeds and poop and put in.

Manuring- Increases crop yeilds, farmers paid for poo. Most cannot afford it.

Bunds- hold back water from plants

Mining is Australian deserts

Chemicals from situ leeching trickled into ground water (Beverly mines)


Soil heeps, scar landscape, source of dust

Building infastructure is causing destruction of plants and soils


Mining companies do environmental assessments

Height of waste limited and relandscaping occurs after

Recycle water

weed killer

controlled burning encourages eucalypts growth.

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