Argyle 1968

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Argyle 1968- Eye contact

Aim: To see how interupting eye contact affects conversation

Method: Pairs of pps were observed having conversations. In half of the conversations one pps wore dark glasses so that the other couldnt recieve eye contact

IV- Amount of eye contact 80% / 15%

DV- What the pps thought of the person

Results: When one of the pps wore dark glasses there were more pauses and interruptions than when dark glasses were not worn

Conclusion: Eye contact is important in ensuring the smooth flow of conversation

Evaluation: +Study is a lab study all variables were controlled apart from the IV. The only thing that would have an effect on the flow of conversation or opinion of the person is the IV.

- Not a normal everyday setting so it lacks ecological validity people might not behave this way normally 

+ Support the fuctions of eye contact that been identified 

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