Arguments for and against - rs topics

Arguments for and against.

Crime & punishment



Isolates and punishes those who deserve it.

Protects society

Prisoners are given the chance to reflect on what they have done

Hopefully, stops others comitting crimes.

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Drug abuse



Informs people about the risks

Gives clear guidance to the user, police etc


May encourage people to experiment on harder drugs

May encourage people to show off about the drugs they have taken

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Matters of death



You wouldnt let an animal suffer so why let a person

Shortens the grief and suffering of families

If life has lost its quality and meaning then they should have the right to choose whether to die.

Drs could help people die without breaking the law

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Matters of life



Helps with research which will eventually help sick people

Its a loving thing to do

God inspires people to look into cloning and new technology

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Crime & punishment 2

Death penalty


People who commit crimes deserve to die

'an eye for an eye'

Cheaper to kill than keep people in prison

Ultimate protection for society

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C & P 3


Innocent people often get arrested

Prison is surely enough protection and punishment

How can prisoners change for the better if you kill them?

God has the only right to end life as he gave life.

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c and p - 1.5


Gang problems and violence

Gets overcrowded

Prisoners often reoffend because prisons are not an effective at dealing with problems

schools of crimes- share tips on crime.

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Drug abuse 2

Illegal drugs


Addicted to them

Progressed from using legal drugs

Copy famous people who take drugs

Tricked into taking drugs


Crimes go up in order to buy these illegal drugs   Hurts families ( and if the drug abuser lives at home, addiction will take over the whole family)

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1.5 - d a




Gives you energy

Alters your mood


Come down feelings

Can cause problems to sleeping patterns

Make people feel dependant

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D and A cont. - 1.25



Stress reliever

Nicotine rush feels good

Supposedly looks good



Yellow teeth Bad breath Lung cancer Addiction

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D & A 1.10



Improves confidence


Tastes good

Calms people down


Liver cancer Addiction Expensive Peer pressured into it.

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Matters of death 2


It is murder

Only God should decided when someone dies

There are power painkilling drugs that can be given out

People have recovered after being told by Drs they would not

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Matters of life 2


A cloned person may not have a soul

May encourage scientists to make further advances which are more and more unacceptable

Its playing God

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Matters of death

When a person dies god decides whether they should spend eternity in heaven with him or in hell with the devil.

That depends on how you lived your life.

All out souls will be judged by God.

Some believe that there is a time of spiritual cleansing that takes place before your soul can enter heaven (the purgatory)

Lots of powerful images of what heaven and hell are supposed to be like. most christians do not take these literally they think that hell is the state of being away from god where as heaven is being close to god.

Some religions believe in reincarnation or rebirth means soul of the person does not go to heaven/hell but returns to the earth in another form.

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Matters of death.

why residentian home is not good

no privacy

Lose independance


If anyone takes the life of a human being he must be put to death - quote.

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