Arguments for and against abortion

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  • Every woman has the right to decide what happens to her body
  • Every baby has the right to be born into a situation which provides food, shelter and other basic necessities. If these are not guaranteed, then an abortion is justified.
  • There are too many unwanted children in the world- why add more?
  • Other members of the family have rights e.g. the husband/partner.
  • If the woman discovers that the child is going to be handicapped, then she would need to decide whether she can cope with a child with disabillities that would after their everday lifestyle.
  • A women should not be expected to carry the child of a man who ***** her.
  • Sometimes, abortion is not the easy way out as it is emotionally draining for the woman and requires a long thought process. It is difficult to lose a child, in whatever condition. 
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  • Every child is sacred as it is a gift from God- we as humans don't have the right to destroy that.
  • An unborn baby has equal rights with the mother.
  • A foetus is a human being from the moment of conception and if left alone will develop into a person.
  • We dont actually know when human life begins- must give benefit of the doubt.
  • A phsyically or mentally handicapped person can lead to a rewarding life.
  • It is not right to ask doctors and nurses to commit a murder.
  • If people were more educated about contraception, then there wouldnt be as many unwanted pregnancies.
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