Arguments against the existence of god

to understand the arguments against god and the arguments that bring god into life

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the existence of god

people argue about the fact that God exists this is an on going argument and there has been wars over it.

if there was a God do you expect him to step in on everything we do. no. if he did we would rely on him at all times

the way God helps us is by doing little things that we can't notice. little things that make larger things happen. e.g. the 9/11 the main effect of that was to push us apart but what it actually did was bring us closer together.

after the 9/11 everyone was expected to lock there doors and hope it never happens again this didn't . happen we were pulled together to support the widows with there loses. we tried our best to help we then remembered this day forever.

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how people argue against the existence of god

Some people argue that God doesn't exist because they believe that we were created by the Big Bang or that we evolved from such animals as the Ape or even the Pig. But we do not know and it is for other s to choose there beliefs, it does not matter which road you use to get to God because all roads lead to God depending on they way you live your life.

This is the reason why we should not fight over religions because all religions lead to God there is no wrong religion.

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