Arguments For The Existence of God: The Design Argument

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The Design Argument

The Design Argument By Willam Paley

  • Premise 1: A watch and the universe(and the things within it) are simliar because they both have intricate parts that work together for a purpose.
  • Premise 2:Things with intericate parts have a desinger.
  • Conclusion: Therefore, the universe has a desinger and it must be complex/intelligent to have designed it, this designer must be God.
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Criticisms Of The Design Argument

Criticisms of the Design Argument 

  • Analogy is bad because watches are not like the natural world. The world is self-substaining, whereas watches are not.
  • Things with intericate parts that serve a purpose might not have been designed. Chance could explain it or nature could be self-ordering.
  • Designer could just be someone else, maybe someone/something which differs from the theological idea of a 'God'.
  • We have no experience of the world making. If we cannot experience it we should not talk about it .
  • Multi-universe theory 
  • Swineburne believes that the design argument doesn't prove the existence of God, just makes him more probable.
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The Ontological Argument

The Ontological Argument By Anselm

  • Premise 1: God is the greatest conceivable being.
  • Premise 2:  It's greater to exist in reality than only as an idea.
  • Conclusion: God exists in reality
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