Areas of shapes

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Area of shapes can seem a simple topic, but there are formulae you need to learn!


In shapes, area is always measured in mm², cm², m², etc.

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Areas of triangles

Lets start with triangles

To work out the area of a three sided shape, use this formula:

B x H ÷ 2

(or 0.5 x B x H)

(B = base, H = height)

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Parallelograms are very simple to work out the area of.

You use the same formula that you do for most quadrilaterals:

B x H


Do not confuse the height with the side length of the parallelogram!

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Although a kite is a quadrilateral, you have to use a different formula to work out the area:

A x B ÷ 2

(or 0.5 x A x B)

A is usually the width of the kite at its widest part; B is the height of it.

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Trapeziums have a strange formula to work out their areas.

It goes like this:

(A+B) x H ÷ 2

(or 0.5 x (A+B) x H)

A = top side length; B = bottom side length

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A straight forward list of basic area formulae

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