Area & Volume - a complete guide

Describes the areas and volumes of many shapes

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pi= Written differently in reality, but I can't display the actual symbol here

L= Length

W= Width

H= Height

d= Depth

D = Diameter

R = Radius

* = X

/= Divide

Also, it'd be nice to remember that all round shapes have pi in them :D

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2D shapes

l* W = Area of Rectangle

BxH / 2 = Area of Triangle

B*H = Area of Parallelogram

piR² = Area of Circle

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3D Shapes

3D aren't given an area, they're given a volume (amount of space INSIDE the shape)

Area of frontal side* Depth = Prism

Length * Width * height =Volume of cuboid

PiR²H =Volume of a cylinder

L*W*H / 3 =Volume of a Pyramid

piR²h / 3 =Volume of a cone

4piR³ = Volume of a Sphere

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