area of study 4.1 rag desh

area of study 4.1 rag desh

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  • improvised from the raga
  • the raga is different when accending and desending
  • decorated with pitch bends and ornamentations
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Tala- rhythm pattern

  • cycle is played on the tabla
  • beat one is called the sam all players start and finish on the sam
  • there is silent beat in the rhythm marked by a clap or wave
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the tambura plays an electronic drone- very simple most commonly sa and pa- I and V

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Rag desh

  • rainy season raga to be played at night
  • c d f g b c,   c Bb a g f e d c
  • calling ducks fat generates big criminals
  • calling baboons animals gains food every day cow.
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anoushka shankar's version

  • recorded in new york
  • composed by her father- has two tablas and one tambura
  • structure is an alap- two differnt gat sections
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maran rag desh

  • only version with singer- he sings the rag desh
  • in the alap the sirangi improvises
  • the final section is a bandish- in a instrumental gat
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  • improvised in recording studio
  • traditional structure- 2 alaps followed by one gat
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