archaic statues useful terms

archaic statues useful terms

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Archaic art: useful terminology

Abstraction- reduction of a thing to its most simple form

Anatomy- the human body

Angularity- sharp edges- New York korus

Archaic smile- a representation of the mouth characterized byslightly upturned corners of the lips

Conventionalized- It follows a tradition

Coordinated volumes- the roundness of forms which begin to flow into one another (Anavyssos kouros)

Cubic- Block like

Decorative coherence- the use of pattern to created a unified whole

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Delineatedto trace the outline of; sketch or trace in outline; represent pictorially

Dissolution of frontality- the breaking down of the dissolution of a cubic approach to the statue

Dreadlocks- Beaded hair

Geometric formula – Patterns made out of shapes

Impassive- no emotion

Linear patterns- patterns made up of lines

Modeled- the surface treatment that you give the skin (statue)

Musculature- Mussel tone

Naturalism- something in its most natural form/ true to life

Nude- naked on display

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Organic interrelation- the unity that comes from a perfect relation of parts to a whole

Plank like- rigid and thin

Proportion- relationship of part to whole

Realism- something how it really is

Structure- bones etc

Stylized formalism- pattern on purpose

Symmetrical construction- Creating a figure about a vertical axis

Vertebral column- spine

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