Arab-Israeli conflict revision

Edexcel revision notes

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  • 1896 - Theodore Herzl organises conference to discuss Zionism.
  • It was NOT a new idea but the first time it had been organised
  • He stated Jews deserved there own homeland
  • 1890's - 20,000 Jews were killed in Russia - Pogroms
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Nov. 5th 1914 - Britain declared war on Turkey

Turkish empire included much of middle east

to defeat the turks the british needed the support of the Arabs

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McMahon Letter

An attempt to win support of the Arabs in the war against Turkey

24th oct. 1915 - Sir Henry McMahon sends letter to Emir Hussein.

Great Britain is prepared to recognise and support the independence of the Arabs in all the regions demanded by the Sherif of Mecca. Great Britain will protect the Holy Places against all attacks. Great Britain will assist the Arabs to set up governments in those territories.

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Anusha Subash


very brief...was not that helpful with minimum information in the slides....wouldn't recommend it. If you got more facts and was more of a revision with quiz and questions, it would be more helpful and more accurate. 

Thank you for reading this all the way :) 

I would be grateful if you listened to my requests. Maybe then I would give full stars or at least higher than a one out of five stars ;)

AnuShIeE thank you once again. 

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