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Possible Questions

  • Memory
  • The Power of Nature
  • Weather
  • Attitudes to Place
  • Relationships between man and nature
  • Views on society
  • Threat of nature
  • Feelings of the speaker
  • Unpleasant aspects of Place
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  • Alliteration - Repetition of consonant sounds at beginning of words.
  • Assonance- deliberate repetition of vowel sounds for particular effect. e.g. 'past stone/ past foam
  • Dialect Words - words from a particular dialect. e.g. 'hey up' instead of 'hello'
  • Dramatic Monologue- A poem supposedly spoken by a character.
  • End-stopped lines - lines of verse that end with a full stop.
  • Enjambment - No pause
  • Oxymoron-
  • Onomatopia -
  • Form- e.g. rhyme, rhyme etc can get ballads and sonnets.
  • Half-rhyme words - consonants rhyme rather than the vowels.
  • Hyperbole - deliberate exaggeration for effect.
  • Ambiguity - word or phrase has two or more possible meanings.
  • Blank verse - doesn't rhyme but has regular rhythm.
  • Caesura - A break in the rhythm of a line.
  • Colloquial - sounds like everyday spoken language.
  • Contrast
  • Dialect - Variation of language



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More Vocab...

  • Emotive - Something that makes you feel a particular emotion.
  • Empathy - someone feels they understand what someone else is experiencing and how they feel about it.
  • 1st Person - 'I' 'me' 'my' 'we'
  • Free verse - no rhyme, no regular rhythm.
  • Iambic Pentameter - Poetry with a metre of ten syllables (5 stressed, 5 unstressed). The stress falls on every 2nd syllable e.g. "One Summer evening (led by her) I found"
  • Iambic Tetrameter - Metre of 8 syllables (4 stressed, 4 unstressed) e.g. "I wander through each chartered street"
  • Imagery - picture in mind, Includes metaphors and similies.
  • Irony - words sarcastic or comic way to imply opposite of meaning. Mean big difference betweenwhat people expect and what actually happens.
  • Stanza - poem verses
  • Stereotype - 'Price we Pay  for the Sun'
  • Structure - oder + arrangement of ideas and events e.g. how poembegins, develops and ends.
  • Symbolism - e.g. candle symbol of hope
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Even More Vocab...

  • Rhyming couplet - pair of lines next to each other and whose final
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  • The Prelude : Romantic view of the sublime nature- somthing spiritual in nature, humans should never comprehend, nature should be treated with awe. Also in poems: Storm in the Black Forest, Wind, Crossing the loch, Below the Green Corrie.
  • Shaping and controlling nature: Dsasterous consequences - Neighbours and London. Positive attempts - A Vision
  • Personal Memory/Identity : Hard Water, Blackbird of Glanmore and Cold Knap Lake.
  • Important or significant in the poet's life?
  • Home=Important : Price we pay for the Sun - Caribbean Island grew up, imporatant part of history, links weather and landscpae to family "my mother's breasts like sleeping volcanoes." Proud from origin even though difficult to live, celebrates culture by writing in local dialect of Patois.
  • Hard Water : celebration of poet's home town, Midlands dialect 'hey up me duck' "don't get mardy" - suggests proud of culture and roots. Honesty and frankness she values. Wate rin town represent sense of identity and belonging. Feels at home there and important.


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Blackbird of Glanmore By Seamus Heaney

  • Mid-term break - death of 4 yr old brother
  • A-A*: How does Heaney use smybol of blackbird to explore wider issues about life and death? Stillness and movement are contrasted regularly. What's the effect of this?
  • Themes and ideas:
  • elegy for heaney's brother
  • seeing blackbird= associated images in mind and evokes memories e.g. blackbird's liveliness reminds of brother.
  • blackbird fills "stillness with life" suggests ability to ressurect the dead.
  • Death or brother suggested through 'haunter' 'stillness' 'lost' but life emerges through 'carvorting' 'dance' and 'glad'
  • Dead live on through memories and nature
  • Heaney now sees himself in front of 'house of life' in contrast to earlier 'house of death'.
  • Love features in blackbird and brother description.
  • love for bird shown in 2nd person and 'it's you balckbird I love' 'I am absolute for you' linked to brother love. love can conquer death.
  • Perhaps blackbird represent perpetuity of life.
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Blackbird of Glanmore

Language, Structure and Form:

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