AQA Physics Unit 1

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Energy Transfers By Heating 1

  • The Easth's atmosphere is like a greenhouse 
  • The infrared rays enter the atmosphere and warm up the Earth
  • Things like water vapour and CO2 stop infrared from being able to escape which makes the Earth even warmer
  • This could be bad if the polar ice caps melt If this happens the Earth will flood
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Energy Transfers By Heating 2

  • Dark, Matt surfaces are BETTER EMITTERS of radiation than light, shiny surfaces.
  • Light, shiny surfaces ABSORB LESS radition than dark, matt surfaces
  • Light, shiny surfaces REFLECT MORE radition than dark, matt
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Energy Transfers By Heating 4

  • Conduction of energy happens most in metals becuase the free electrons inside the metal transfer energy
  • Non metals dont contain free electrons so they dont conduct energy as well
  • The transfer of energy in materials is a result of kinetic energy in the particles
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Energy Transfers By Heating 5

  • Convection happens in fluids (gas, liquid) 
  • It is the movement of the fluid due to it being heated up
  • When it is heated it becomes less dense and so it rises
  • This causes circulation within the fluid
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