AQA - P1b - Electromagnetic Spectrum

It tells you about the electromagnetic wavelength, frenquency and wavelength.

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Amplitude, frequency and wavelength

Amplitude is how tall the waves are. The higher the amplitude, the more energy there is being transported.

Frequency is how many waves in a second. So if the frequency was three, there would be three waves per second.

Wavelength is the lenght of one wave, and it is alwys measured in metres.

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Electromagnetic spectrum

Remember that the waves with the most waves per second, so the waves that are packed tighter together carry lots of energy.
Going from the highest frequency to the lowest frequency, here is the electromagnetic spectrum:
Gamma radiation
Light (visible)
Infra-red heat
Radio waves

Way to remember:
Give xylophones ultra violet light in many rooms.

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The Wave Equation

All electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light (300,000,000 metres per second or 3 x 10⁶ metres per second or 3 million metres per second.
The followong equation can be used to find out the eqution of frequency, speed of waves and wavelength.
To use it, cover up the one you want to find, and then do what it says.

Speed of the waves Frequency of the waves Wavelegth
S = F x W
F = S ÷ W
W = S ÷ F

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