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Sound Waves

  • Sound travels as a wave
  • it is caused by objects that vibrates
  • They can reflect and refract
  • Audible to human ear is 20 - 20 000Hz
  • It can not travel in vaccum
  • More waves = high frequency = higher pitch
  • the amplitude increase (taller) = the loudness increases
  • A clear pure sound produces a smooth rounded waveform called Sine Wave

Ultra Sound 

  • Like there are electomagnetic radiation with frequenies we can nto see likewise there are sound waves that we cannot hear.
  • It has several uses
  • Ultra Sound has a higher frequency than the upper limit of a human
  • Electronic systems produce ultrasound waves .  


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Ultrasound continues

  • It usually/partially reflects when the boundaries meet between two different mediums
  • The time taken that it takes to return back to the detector ... that will show how far the boundary is.
  • Given the speed we can work out the distance between the boundaries
  • Given the frequency and wavelength of the ultrasound you can wok out the speed.
    • Speed (m/s) = Freq (Hz) x Wavelength (m)
  • USES
    • Extremely effective at removing dirt.
    • can be directed to very precise places
    • clean delicate mechanisms wihout needing to dismantle
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