(AQA) GCSE Spanish Vocabulary and Phrases

(AQA) GCSE Spanish useful words and phrases, in the two oral topics:
1. Personal Relationships
2. Education/Work

Some of the vocabulary is interchangeable, and can be used for other things, too.

Note: this was originally tailored for me, and it includes all the things that I always forget.

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Las Relaciones Personales

Me llevo bien con... - I get on well with...

Me irrita - he/she irritates/annoys me

Me critica - he/she criticises me

Me parece como mi padre - I look like my father

los parientes - relatives

si tuviera más libertad, saldría cada noche - if I had more freedom, I'd go out each night

el/la vecino/a-neighbour

la cobaya - guinea pig

los jubilados - senior citizens

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la jaula - cage

el pájaro - bird

el bigote - moustache

canoso/a - grey-haired

a menos que + subjunctive - unless

no estoy de acuerdo con + subj - I don't agree with...

es dudoso que + subj - it's doubtful that...

emborracharse - to get drunk

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el horario - timetable

me chifla/ me encanta - it is pleasing to me

odio/detesto - I hate

soy fuerte en - I'm good at

lo/la encuentro - I find it

soy floja en - I'm not very good at

las artes teatrales - performing arts

cambiaría el uniforme - I would change the uniform

las prácticas laborales - work experience

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repasar - to revise

calificado/a - qualified

bien pagado/a - well paid

utilizar - to use

he decidido para estudiar - I've decided to study

lo que más me gusta es que - What I like most is that...

después de haber recibido - lit. after having received. After receiving

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