AQA GCSE History resistance to the Nazis

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Forms of resistance

  • tell anti nazi jokes
  • join and assit in groups like the white rose group in munich which was lead by hans and sophie scholl both stuents  who were against the Nazis 
  • hand out or have in your home leaflets to be distributed 
  • Refuse to give donations to the  party or fly the flag on impoartant dates ( this was noted by your block warden and could but you at risk of not getting a job)
  • some people were part of underground groups 
  • private grumbling - common
  • Can you think of any more?- put them in the comments 
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Why was the level of resistance so low ?

  • people feared the ** and gestapo the secret police
  • they had voted for them 
  • people were unaware of what  was happening due to censorship and propaganda 
  • the nazis did change policies if they were unpopular such as the euthanasia programme for the metally and physically handicapped
  • people who apposed the Nazis did not work together for the greater good for example the communists and  social democrates 
  • as the Nazis had control over so many groups there was no where to go to appose them 
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The most successful opposition operation valkryrie

This is also known as the July bomb plot and it was only because of a few minor errors that it failed . The attempt on hitler's life was made by the Army - it was Claus Von Saffenburg who had taken the bomb into the meeting and had placed it under the table near to Hitler but it was moved by cononel brandt  to the other side of the desk after he had caught it with his foot ! the army took this oppotunity to look for revenage as there had been many deaths and injuries in the army when germany had invaded the USSR 

EXTRA RANDOMNESS ( some what ) 

according to one programme of mythbusters the meeting was due to take place in an underground bumker but the location was changed at the last second - because of the doors and windows it the new location the shock waves could escape more easily from the room and therefore caused less damage than if it had taken place in the bunker, if that had been the case maybe this would have been a success ( this is not to say that deaths did not occur on the 20th of july 1944- 4 people died) and staffenburg and others in volved here execued by hanging with piano wire ... so close but so far wrong

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Dietrich Bonhoeffer

He organised operation 7 which manged to allow a small number of jews to escape germany which was organised by the group Abwher he even offered to the UK to get rid of hitler and showed them his plans but they didn't think that they would succeed in their mission 

saldy , like a lot of hitlers opposition he ended up in a concentratiion camp and was hung about a month before the end of the war when he was caught still campgaining agaanst hitler and the Nazis he was a christian man and spoke out against the nurembeug Laws in 1935 not even the anti nazi confessional church would oppose them 

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