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New 2011 GCSE Syllabus - AQA Core Science GCSE, Unit 1, Topic 1 - Fundamental Ideas

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  • There are about 100 different known elements
  • The symbols in the periodic table represent atoms
  • Elements have very different properties
  • The elements are all arranged in different groups
  • Elements to the left of the bold line are metals
  • Elements to the right of the bold line are non-metals - gases
  • Atoms are made up of mostly empty space
  • And contain protons, neutrons and electrons
  • Compounds contain more than one atom, bonded together.  
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  • In the middle of an atom, there is a nucleus
  • The nucleus contains protons (+1 charge) and neutrons (0 charge)
  • A third type of particle orbits the nucleus - electrons (-1 charge)
  • Any atom contains the same number of protons as electrons, so there is no charge
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